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Paine also criticizes the idea of monarchy and hereditary succession. He fails to accept the consequences or think his urging of revolutions through. Thomas Paine thrived as a Transcendentalist because he rebelled against England..
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I thought you had more sense than that. Cristina, however, still wore tight clothes to reveal her pregnancy although she was aware of her present condition, but was not ashamed to reveal her secrets of..
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Legal aid to the poor essay

legal aid to the poor essay

given below. Beside, the statutory charge may mean that a claimant may have nothing left even though he/she has won the case.

It is not something that could be allowed to be available to those who could parade an army of expensive lawyers. Thus, the aim of the Legal Services Commission2 is to make quality legal aid accessible to everyone thereby ensuring effective delivery of justice and legal advice. The machinery of the Government engaged in the execution of this movement in the state must be geared from bottom to top. Free legal assistance at States cost is a fundamental right of the person accused of an offence which may involve jeopardy of his life or personal liberty. It would be in these circumstances made a mockery of legal aid if it were to be left to a poor, ignorant and illiterate accused to ask for free legal service, legal aid would become merely a paper promise and it would fail of its.

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There are lack of advisers in areas like social security, housing, disability discrimination, employment and immigration. State of Bihar, that if any accused is not able to afford legal services then he has a right to free legal aid at the cost of the state. Similarly article 14 also talks about equality before law. The system became increasingly expensive to run while catering for fewer and fewer people. It is there to help everyone who really needs. Bhagwati under the Legal Aid Committee formed in 1971. As if these services are not provided there is not only a risk of violating. Bhagwati, while referring to the decision of Hussainara Khatuns case and some other cases had made the following observations in paragraph 6 of the said judgment. The right of being heard cannot be taken away and the sound judicial view would be that reasonable opportunity of being heard must be provided to the accused. Legal Aid or any similar topic only for you. In India many efforts have been made in this direction for example the introduction of Lok Adalats. But we strongly recommend that the right of the accused to representation at government expense should be placed on a statutory footing in relation to the trials for serious offences, and as a first step in this direction, write a research paper in 1 day we propose that such a right should.

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